I’m STOKED for you to meet today’s guest, Danny Miranda.

Danny is the host of The Danny Miranda Podcast, a top 1% podcast in THE WORLD.

What started as simple phone conversations with his Twitter followers, blossomed into a full fledged video podcast with over 258 episodes.

Millions of views later with guests like Gary Vaynerchuk appearing on the podcast, Danny has leaned into his disruptive short form video content strategy to build his brand.

Go grab your cold brew and learn a thing or two about building trust with your audience, from the LEGEND Danny Miranda. 

1. Why you should be investing in short form video content:

People thought Instagram was a fad. Just like people think short form video content is a fad. 

And they couldn’t be MORE wrong. Short form video content is the fabric of our reality. 

It’s the most shared content in the world (Ari literally just sent me a TikTok vid as I type this). 

Every brand should invest in figuring out how to do short form content, that’s the content that goes the furthest, because it’s the most digestible for the consumer.

In the past to make any sort of short form video clip you would need an entire production team. 

And if you wanted that clip to be seen anywhere, you would need a production office to make it into a commercial.

Now you can walk into your bedroom and record 100 short form video clips and post them on TikTok and they get more views than a commercial would.

2. How you should create short form content:

My strategy is how can I take a huge episode of an 1hr or 2hrs and condense it down into 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 50 seconds to something that people can really internalize. 

When I look into clips I think, “what’s going to make a moment here?”

What’s a community that I could tap into that somebody who’s never heard of me in that community could say, “that’s an interesting question or that’s an interesting answer, let me learn more about that.”

And I think so often people have these specific podcasts in these specific niches that they want to tackle. People are scared to go outside their niche or their thing.

For example, The Marketing Millennials Podcast (That’s meee). You could say, I’m going to only do marketing clips. 

But what if we talk about tacos and there’s a thing that I say about tacos. 

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If you chop that up into a short form piece of content, there might be people who are interested in tacos and marketing. Now you can tap into and can get their eyes like, wow, I’ve never heard of this podcast – let me give it a listen

One of the biggest challenges to short form content is that you don’t want to judge the results. 

You want to judge the results based on your own output.

Instead of focusing on the quantity of views between different weeks or different videos, set a goal of posting 10 videos a day and hit that. That’s the win, not the million views. 

Separate the reward you’re receiving from others and reward yourself for the action you’re doing (This needs to be on a poster).

3. Why quantity leads to quality:

I post 300 plus pieces of short form content per month (LEGEND). 

A lot of people think, nah, that’s too much. That’s crazy. It’s a lot more than people can ever consume. Why are you posting that much? People are going to get fatigued from you.

How I look at it is, that’s 300 or 400 different pieces of content that I can now judge. I can say, “which ones did the best? Why do they do the best?”

Every one of those is a different connection point to me and to my podcast.

I am a huge believer in quantity leading to quality, because then you figure out what’s good. You figure out why it’s good. And in an extremely QUICK fashion. 

People do not get fatigued. Content is everything, people are always consuming (24/7 besties).

4. Why the best content creators are GREAT content consumers:

One thing that people don’t realize is, the consumption part of any platform is so key to learning how it works.

It’s similar to going to a party and having context for the people who are attending versus going to a party without knowing anyone or any context you’re going into. 

If you try to start speaking at that party where you don’t know anyone, people are going to be like, dude, what are you saying? (I’ve been there before – LOL)

But if you go to the party and you know everyone at the party, and you have context for all parties involved, you then say the thing that’s appropriate in the moment. 

It’s the same way with content, whenever you’re creating in a new place to have context for the people who are consuming the message.

Start consuming content and it just becomes this instinct. 

You’ve put the two pieces of the puzzle together while everyone else was unaware of that second piece.

5. How to build trust with your audience:

You need to earn the ability for someone to sit down and carve out a piece of their day to consume your content.

It takes a decade to build a brand, it takes a decade to solidify yourself in someone’s mind as worthy of their time.

It goes to show that if you’re just starting out a brand and you want to have earned media, you need to have trust with people.

And the reason it is called earned media, is because trust building takes a lot of time and effort. 

In B2B a lot of it comes down to having expertise and showing that you’re willing to put out things that are valuable for other people… FOR FREE.

That is how you build trust.

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
Level up your marketing game

Zero BS. Just fun, unfiltered, industry insights with the game-changers behind some of the coolest companies from around the globe.

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