For those of you that don’t know. Hi! I’m Daniel. I’m the creator of The Marketing Millennials. Yes. Me. Daniel Murray.

The Marketing Millennials isn’t about me though. It’s about us. Us Marketers who want to learn, grow and laugh together. We’re a special community – who knew hundreds of thousands of people could all have so much in common? One thing we all know for sure: if we wanted every day to be the same, we definitely wouldn’t have chosen Marketing for our careers.

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Today’s a new day, and I really appreciate your support, your friendship, and your insights. I can’t wait to go on this journey with all of you.

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JK! All of the above, + insights, teachings, learnings, and musings from the best marketers on the planet (you all). 

The goal of this newsletter is to hype up marketing voices and learn and grow together. Sure, this community, The Marketing Millennials, is now newsletter official – but we’ve been marketing besties from the jump.

I’ll see you here on Thursday for the first-ever The Marketing Millennials newsletter. I really hope you like it.  

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
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