265: How to Build a Strong Brand, with Alina Vandenberghe

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
July 2, 2024

 How can you build a strong brand while also focusing on efficiency and revenue growth?

Alina Vandenberg, co-founder and co-CEO of Chili Piper, shares her insights with me about Chili Piper’s journey and how to build a strong brand with the right team.

Alina breaks down the true importance of investing in company pages and social media. She explains why building the right team and culture is critical to the success of any SaaS company.

Plus, why should you invest in in-person events? And how can you use the expertise of your key operators to propel your marketing content forward? Check out the full pod to hear from one of marketing’s most impactful voices.


00:00:06 – Brand Evolution: Chili Piper’s Journey

00:01:03 – Building Engaging Products at Chili Piper

00:09:21 – Building a Strong Brand with the Right Team

00:13:57 – Leverage Expertise for Boosting Sales

00:16:13 – Creating a Positive Internal Culture

00:19:55 – Investing in Social Media Pays Off

00:28:49 – Efficiency in SaaS Brands Scrutinized

00:33:30 – Loneliness in Marketing: A Common Challenge

00:38:29 – Alina’s LinkedIn Marketing Insights


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray