260 – The Marketing Funnel is Dead, Use This Instead, with Ashley Faus of Atlassian

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
May 30, 2024

The funnel is dead, use the playground instead. Have I lost my mind— or has my latest guest finally convinced me to put the marketing funnel to eternal rest?

Ashley Faus, Head of Lifecycle Marketing at Atlassian and author of numerous published articles on TIME, Forbes, Marketing Profs, and The Muse has A LOT of thoughts on how marketers can more effectively reach their target audience. She’s got plenty of actionable tips for marketers who are struggling to find the right distribution channels for their content.

She chats with me about why it’s so important to understand your audience’s intentions and how, by removing content barriers and creating modular content, you can easily elevate your strategy across multiple platforms.


00:00:02 – Marketing Millennials Podcast: Content Creation

00:01:38 – Funnel is Dead, Use Playground Instead

00:08:17 – Exploring Content Depths: Conceptual, Strategic, Tactical

00:10:46 – Focus on Buy and Use Intent

00:17:44 – Treat Your Content as Product

00:22:08 – Finding the Right Content Distribution

00:23:49 – Product Consumption Across Different Platforms

00:25:13 – Deepen Your Content Strategy Narrative

00:32:01 – Mastering Problem and Solution Spaces

00:37:11 – Mapping Content Depth and Intent

00:41:41 – Ungate 99% of Your Content


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray