256 – Why PR and Organic Social Work Well Together, with Milou Pietersz

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
May 16, 2024

Maximize your brand partnerships and create a holistic marketing strategy.

Milou Pietersz, founder and owner of Simply Multimedia, joins me to discuss the intersection between organic social media and PR. Discover the key tactics for landing paid brand partnerships, building media lists, and using social proof to pitch to brands. 

How can you create a kickass social media strategy? And what are the best pitch angles for PR outlets? Milou breaks down the ultimate dos and don’ts of social media success— tune in to gain valuable tips and insights for your own marketing efforts.


00:01:34 – Maximizing Social Media and PR

00:02:48 – Combining Tactics for Success

00:07:17 – Creator’s Guide to PR Outlets

00:09:09 – Scaling Social Presence: Strategy Tips

00:11:15 – Focus on Revenue Growth Strategies

00:14:02 – Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

00:20:24 – Aligning Brand with Trend Tracking

00:21:39 – Building Strong Brand Partnerships for Success

00:25:03 – Crafting a Successful Social Media Strategy

00:26:33 – Data as Compass, Not a Map


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray