252 – B2B Content Marketing w/Tracey Wallace | Marketing Island

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
April 30, 2024

If content makes the world go round, then meet the woman who keeps it spinning.

In this special rapid-fire segment from Marketing Island, Tracey Wallace, Director of Content for Klaviyo and the voice behind Workweek’s Contentment newsletter, chats with me about the best ways marketers can boost their content marketing game and repurpose pieces more effectively. 

Learn how to increase your speed-to-market, resonate with your audience, and repurpose with more purpose. Tracey reveals her insights on the power of a good webinar and unleashes her juiciest takes on evergreen content, the most effective types of content, and the rookie mistakes companies make when planning their content calendar. 

Plus, are webinars the secret weapon your company needs to start using today? 

Yes. Yes. AND YES.


00:00:30 – Content Marketing KPIs and Trends

00:02:24 – Refresh Your Content Strategy Annually

00:03:17 – Revamp Webinars for Modern Audiences

00:03:56 – Balancing Evergreen and Trending Content

00:05:04 – Creating Content that Resonates with Audiences

00:06:42 – Importance of Evergreen Video Content

00:09:08 – Repurposing Content for Search Success

00:10:14 – Aligning Content Marketing Goals Strategically

00:11:40 – Integrated Marketing in Large Organizations

00:13:19 – Creating Impactful Content as a Marketer

00:14:18 – Underrated Content Marketing Tips Revealed

00:15:09 – Increase Content Speed to Market



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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray