250 – Why You Should Start Using Video Today in Your Marketing, with Chris Savage, Co-Founder & CEO of Wistia

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
April 23, 2024

Are you using your video marketing plan to maximize your brand’s potential?

Chris Savage, co-founder and CEO of Wistia, sits down to discuss the power of video in today’s marketing landscape. From the importance of storytelling to the changing expectations of B2B videos, Chris shares valuable insights and tips for creating impactful video content. 

Learn why webinars are one of the best forms of content that marketers aren’t accessing—and how to successfully implement a live video plan. Are they marketing’s most underrated platform?

Plus, what makes good video content great? Learn the key strategies to make your video content *pop* and what questions you should be asking about your content before hitting “post.”

Build trust, connect with your audience, and elevate your brand.

Wistia is every marketer’s best kept secret when it comes to video. 

Pop Wistia’s email collector forms on your videos to generate leads. Send viewing data to your marketing automation platform to nurture and convert your prospects. Even engage your audience with in-video CTAs that drive viewers further down your funnel.

Try Wistia for free at https://www.wistia.com/millennials


00:00:42 – How Online Video Changed Everything

00:02:44 – B2B Companies and Video Marketing

00:03:46 – Businesses Increasing Video Marketing Efforts

00:09:51 – The Rise of Video Marketing

00:18:22 – Creating Engaging Long-Form Video Content

00:28:01 – Video Production Tips for B2B Marketing

00:37:00 – Creating and Marketing Successful Videos

00:39:22 – Brand Impact on B2B Marketing


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray