249 – A New Way to Go-To-Market, with Jared Fuller, Founder of Nearbound

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
April 17, 2024

Learn how to work smarter, not harder, in your marketing efforts and leverage underinvested channels for maximum success.

Jared Fuller, founder of Nearbound.com, joins the conversation with me to discuss the concept of Nearbound and its impact on marketing. Discover why partnering with trusted voices is crucial for building trust with your audience and how to surround your buyers by working with the people they already trust. 

Jared also shares insights on the future of marketing and the importance of events in the nearbound era along with his top strategies for building partnerships and creating a flywheel based on existing relationships.


00:00:41 – Client-Side Founder’s Journey into Marketing

00:03:59 – Surround Buyers with Trusted Influencers

00:05:43 – Partnering with Trusted Voices

00:08:25 – Top Marketing Channels for B2B

00:14:33 – Buyer Relevancy Trumps Review Scores

00:17:40 – HubSpot’s Journey to $100 Million

00:23:06 – Building a Successful Partner Program

00:30:13 – Leverage Your Network for Intros

00:30:53 – Simplify Marketing Collaboration for Success

00:36:42 – Under-Invested Channels: The Key to Success

00:40:03 – The Future of Marketing: Events

00:44:02 – Millennials at Near Bound Summit

00:44:52 – Establishing Thought Leadership in Marketing


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray