245 – How This Brand Survives On Mostly Organic Marketing, With Lisa Bubbers, Co-Founder of Studs

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
April 4, 2024

Ear piercing isn’t just about begging for permission from your mom for weeks on end, driving by the local mall, and searching for the nearest Claire’s anymore. 

Learn how Studs is revolutionizing the ear piercing and earring experience. In this ep, I’m chatting with Lisa Bubbers, Co-Founder and CEO of Studs, as she unpacks her greatest insights into her brand’s unique approach to retail and marketing. 

How is Studs targeting a Gen Z and millennial customer base through organic marketing? What’s the real role of PR in building a successful business? And how has the retail game evolved to keep pace in the digital age? 

Join the conversation and learn from Lisa’s expertise in creating a thriving brand that resonates with today’s consumers.


00:00:01 – Reimagining Ear Piercing with Studs

00:02:12 – Drive Business with Organic Marketing

00:05:29 – Choosing Store Locations for Maximum Impact

00:12:02 – Why People Choose Studs for Piercings

00:15:58 – Creating Content to Understand Ear Piercing

00:21:23 – Balancing E-commerce and Retail Strategies

00:30:08 – The Power of Strategic PR

00:31:35 – Shift in Consumer Reading Habits

00:34:43 – Find Daniel on LinkedIn Easily


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray