Why Marketing Works: The Most Interesting Campaign in the World?

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
April 3, 2024

Wheaties ask to eat him for breakfast. Bears are warned about encountering him in the wild. Doctors rejected his organs from donation because they were too much for the average man to handle. 

Who is he?

Why, the most interesting man in the world, of course. 

But more importantly, how did he become a household name? Aidan takes an inside look at the woman who created the most interesting man in the world (because honestly, would you expect anything less?) and breaks down how Dos Equis managed to capture an audience through some INGENIUS lifestyle branding techniques. 

What’s the one layered phrase they used to generate a remarkable degree of authority? And what marketing principles can you use to take your own campaign to the next level?

We don’t always talk about Dos Equis, but when we do, you’ll definitely want to listen.


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray