243 – How to Think About Full Funnel Marketing, With Vibhor Kapoor, Chief Business Officer of NextRoll

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
March 28, 2024

How can marketers strike a balance between brand awareness and long-term thinking?

Vibhor Kapoor,  Chief Business Officer of NextRoll and former President of Adroll, joins me to discuss the importance of brand purpose and standing out in a crowded market. We explore the concept of full-funnel marketing and the need for a holistic approach that considers the entire customer journey. 

And later, Vibhor shares his thoughts on the best privacy-conscious marketing strategies out there, breaking down the tools and solutions that can help marketers to better personalize their marketing efforts without compromising consumer privacy. 

Tune in to hear Vibhor’s perspective on performance branding and the value of building a legacy brand.

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00:00:18 – Marketing: A Broad and Essential Function

00:04:42 – Understanding Full Funnel Marketing Strategies

00:15:49 – Optimize Marketing with Performance Branding

00:18:19 – Balance Brand Awareness in Marketing

00:28:33 – Developing a Holistic Privacy Marketing Strategy

00:36:22 – Marketing Without Compromising User Privacy

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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray