Why Marketing Works: The Curious Case of Scotland’s PR Plesiosaur

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
March 27, 2024


Listen up ya eejits because Aidan here is about to tell ye a tale of a bonnie lass named Nessie, and a marketing stunt that fooled the world twice o’er.

How did the town of Inverness rise to fame? And how did a tall tale of a monster in the local loch capture the imagination of the entire world? 

Aidan unpacks the myth of the Loch Ness monster, revealing how the curiosity gap principle has kept the myth alive and prosperous nearly 100 years after its creation. What can the myth of Nessie teach us about the differences between clickbaiting and capturing attention? And why do so many eager tourists flock to Scotland each year, knowing full well that Nessie is a hoax? 

Hold on to your haggis because Aidan’s about to tell a wee, sleekit tale of Scotland’s greatest marketing gambit. 


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray