242 – Influencer Brand Hits and Misses with Stefani O’Sullivan, Head of Marketing at Staud

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
March 26, 2024

What does it take to become a successful fashion brand in today’s market?  

According to Stefani O’Sullivan, Head of Marketing at Staud, it’s all about having a purpose-driven mission and relying on a great product and brand. In this episode, Stephanie shares her insights on building a successful brand, the importance of understanding your customers, and the power of community in the fashion and beauty industry. 

How is Staud leveraging the creator community and organic content to drive growth?

Stefani chats with me about the specific challenges of launching celebrity influencer brands and the need to stay true to your mission.  


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00:00:03 – Stefani’s Journey from Farm to Marketing Success

00:02:58 – Celebrity Brands Impacting Culture Positively

00:06:20 – Factors for Success in Beauty Brands

00:10:20 – Celebrity Brands Without Relying on Celebrities

00:14:24 – Utilizing Influencers to Promote Products

00:16:30 – Fashion and Beauty Industry Community Insights

00:19:23 – Launching Tastemaker Brands: Common Mistakes

00:27:11 – Building Successful Marketing Teams for Brands

00:32:05 – Think of Customers as Humans

00:35:58 – Advice for Young Marketers: Read Daily


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray