Why Marketing Works: A True American Origin Story

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
March 14, 2024

Ah, America. Some might say there’s nothing more patriotic than flags, fireworks, and country music, but for Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, nothing spells “American Patriot” harder than the man who can shove the most weiners into his mouth.

In this solo pod, my BFF, Aidan Brannigan, reveals the story of how four Polish immigrants created one of America’s most beloved 4th of July traditions by just doing what dudes do best—challenging each other to ridiculous contests to prove their masculinity… or in this case, their patriotism.  

How did Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs go from zero to hero with the help of a little virtue signaling and one, well-constructed white lie? 

From marketing stunt to national icon, Nathan’s proves that sometimes, a little myth-making can go a long way in building brand hype. So grab a bun and join the celebration—it’s time to relish in the story behind the legend.


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray