238 – How to Capture and Keep Your Audience’s Attention Using Neuroscience, with Ted Harrison

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
March 12, 2024

What does a former Twitter insider believe about the future of capturing the short-form attention span?

Sorry. What was that first sentence? I was writing this on my mobile. 

When it comes to short-form content, you’re competing with everyone on their phone all the time—and platforms who capture your attention the fastest possess all the power. 

Today we’re learning from Ted Harrison, former Head of Production at one of the biggest short-form platforms out there, Twitter. 

Ted shares why, no matter how hard you might try, you simply can’t resist the urge to click on clickbait (spoiler alert: it always works), how to think outside the box on the rules of content creation (which he does every day at his new venture, Neue Motion), and what a multi-channel approach can teach us about finding inspiration where you least expect it.

Want to captivate your audience’s attention in 5 seconds or less? This is the episode for you.


00:00:40 – Transition from Film to Marketing Success

00:02:39 – Encouraging Innovation at Twitter’s Content Strategy

00:05:51 – Biggest Lessons From Working at Twitter

00:14:52 – Capturing Attention in Social Media Video Content

00:25:03 – E-commerce’s Growth in Multiple Channels

00:30:26 – Creating Engaging Twitter and Short-Form Content with Depth

00:33:19 – Understanding the Rules of Marketing

00:38:08 – Listen to Content Creators for Marketing Success


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray