235 – Why Storytelling is a Powerful Marketing Strategy, With Jake Karls, Founder of Mid-Day Squares

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
February 29, 2024

Your brand means nothing if it can’t stand out from the competition. So quit trying to blend in and start telling your audience a great story. 

Daniel sits down with Jake Karls, co-founder of Mid-Day Squares, to discuss the power of storytelling in marketing. Discover how Mid-Day Squares built its brand with storytelling at the forefront, allowing it to thrive in the otherwise over-saturated health food marketplace.

Jake divulges how Mid-Day Squares started with a homemade recipe, a dream, and a plan and skyrocketed into an overnight social media sensation. What makes their content creation process so unique? He reveals how through authenticity, customer relationship-building, and Grade-A content, Mid-Day Squares managed to conquer brick-and-mortar stores and DTC. 

Tune in to gain insights on how to add value to your audience and make a lasting impact with your brand.


00:00:02 – The Constant Power of Storytelling

00:00:58 – Revolutionizing Chocolate Bars with Clean Ingredients

00:06:25 – Crafting Authentic Brand Stories for Trust

00:13:58 – Differentiating Midday Squares Through Storytelling

00:20:16 – Authentic Storytelling: The Key to Business Success

00:28:43 – Discover Midday Squares’ Marketing Strategy


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray