233 – Crafting Great Performance-Driven Creative, with John Solomon, CMO of Therabody

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
February 27, 2024

Creative is great, but… If it doesn’t drive performance, what are you doing? 

Take it from Therabody CMO, John Solomon, the mastermind pioneering Theragun from a one-product wonder into a multi-pronged company intent on expanding its product offerings, when he says, all creative must push performance.

He dives into the complexities of driving business as a company with a high ticket, infrequently purchased item, and explains how expanding into new verticals is key to sustained growth. He and Daniel also discuss all the dirty deets about the value of great packaging design, the trap of over-targeting your audience, how to integrate brand awareness, and the best tactics for driving bottom-of-the-funnel campaigns. 

And later, John shares the unique challenges of creating products for different consumer types and reveals his unique perspective on the role of creative in selling product. 

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00:00:22 – From Political Science to Marketing Chief

00:03:26 – Marketing’s Role in Driving Business Goals

00:09:21 – Incorporating Customer Voice in Marketing

00:15:32 – Budget Split: Awareness vs. Consideration vs. Funnel

00:22:05 – Products Built for Consumers

00:27:37 – Importance of Internal Marketing Strategies

00:28:37 – Marketing Products to New Audiences

00:32:17 – Valentine’s Day Campaign Planning Timeline

00:39:00 – Always Think About Marketing Performance


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray