231 – Influencer Marketing Trends to Pay Attention to, with Dikla Bengio

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
February 21, 2024

Influencer marketing is all about one thing: relationships. 

If you don’t start treating your creators more like long-term partnerships and friends, then you’re doing a disservice to both them and your business. So how can you ensure you’re on the path to building the most successful influencer relationships possible?

Dikla Bengio, Partnerships Team Leader at Artlist, shares her insights and tips for working with influencers. Discover why long-term partnerships are key, why niche creators are the ideal target for marketers, and how to give influencers creative freedom to engage their audience authentically. 

Plus, learn about the top trends in influencer marketing for 2024 and why localization and integrating creators into your product are crucial strategies. Tune in to gain valuable knowledge and take your influencer marketing to the next level!

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00:00:04 – Insights on Influencer Marketing from Israel

00:02:16 – Top Trends in Influencer Marketing

00:06:58 – Maximizing Success with Nano Influencers

00:10:36 – Building Strong Partnerships with Creators

00:17:26 – Choosing the Perfect Influencer Checklist

00:18:50 – The Importance of Emotional Connection in Influencer Marketing

00:33:44 – The Key to Successful Influencer Partnerships


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray