230 – The Marketing Genius Behind One of E-Commerce’s Top-Selling Supplements, with Albert Matheny

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
February 20, 2024

How did Promix rise to the top of the supplement food chain to become one of the buzziest, most popular health brands around? 

Founder Albert Matheny stops by to chat with Daniel about how the brand managed to stand out in an oversaturated health food market, revealing his personal journey into the supplement world and divulging his best insights into how to build a successful brand. 

Learn how Promix disrupted the supplement industry through the power of simplicity, storytelling, and design, and what challenges they faced when it came to scaling and diversifying marketing channels. How did they manage to successfully capitalize on the grass-fed protein and clean eating trend? And how did their early adoption of Amazon cement their place in an ever-evolving landscape? 

Don’t miss out on Albert’s thoughts on the blend of quantitative and qualitative aspects in marketing and the impact of social media on growth.


00:00:02 – The Story Behind Promix Protein

00:02:25 – Scaling a Grass-Fed Protein Company

00:09:08 – Exploring Growth Levers in Marketing

00:18:18 – Lessons Learned: Marketing Strategies Evolved

00:23:31 – The Power of Simple Packaging

00:27:40 – Sustainable Growth: Diversify and Strategize

00:35:03 – The Secrets Athletes Know Now


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray