Why Marketing Works: How The Eyewear Industry is Lying to You

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
February 15, 2024

You can’t think of eyewear now without the brand Warby Parker coming to mind. 


But it wasn’t always that way. 


Before Warby Parker reigned supreme, Luxottica owned a monopoly over the eyewear industry. So how did Warby Parker manage to defy the odds and capture the loyalty of a nation?


Aidan’s revealing Warby Parker’s masterclass playbook in undercutting the competition, aligning internal values with public perception, and creating a frictionless funnel that enforces brand loyalty. 


Tune in to find out how Warby Parker went total beast mode to disrupt an entire industry. Dare we say… you might even look at eyewear marketing through a new lens?


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray