How This Brand Became the #1 Arctic Apparel Brand Around World

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
February 8, 2024

It may not be Versace, Balenciaga, or Gucci, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not one of the world’s most coveted brands around.

Who is it? 

Canada Goose. And it’s the choice apparel of dog sledders, Arctic Circle explorers, and heli-skiers alike.

In this solo pod, Aidan reveals the marketing genius behind the Canadian outwear brand that rebranded itself into a high-class, luxury apparel brand and convinced the world its jacket was worth that extra $1700. Find how -27° try-on rooms, outdoor movie premieres in the dead of winter, and a lifetime guarantee skyrocketed this company into a lifetime of high-class luxury.  

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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray