224 – How to Build a Thriving Community, with David Spinks

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
January 11, 2024

What are the key qualities of a successful community, and how can businesses effectively build and nurture them? 

In this episode, Daniel interviews David Spinks, a community-building expert, to explore the world of community management. They discuss the importance of organic growth, the qualities to look for in a community manager, and the competitive advantage a strong community can provide for a brand. 

How can in-person experiences complement online interactions? David shares his thoughts on the significance of online and offline engagement and explains the different types of communities that are vital to your brand game plan. 

And later, he and Daniel explore how focusing on joy and genuine connection when building a community is more valuable than any metric measurement.  


00:00:04 – Expert David Discusses Community Building

00:00:27 – Building Digital Communities: A Personal Journey

00:03:16 – Defining Community in the Marketing World

00:04:38 – The Key Traits of a Successful Community

00:06:05 – The Process of Building Business Community

00:09:31 – The Power of In-Person Experiences

00:13:21 – Building and Growing a Community

00:17:54 – Qualities to Look for in a Community Manager

00:21:40 – The Power of Building Community

00:29:08 – Building Healthy Communities with Intuition

00:33:05 – Refreshing Views on Building Community


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray