The Devil’s in the Details: Why Metrics Matter, with Peter Mahoney

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
December 28, 2023

 Ever wondered how a total science geek tackles marketing? Well, meet Peter Mahoney, the brains behind “The Next CMO,” who dropped by the studio to chat with Daniel about his super analytical take on marketing tactics in this blast from the Marketing Millennials’ past.

Peter’s secret sauce? It’s all about the scientific method. Get set to dive into the nitty-gritty of constant testing because Peter’s ready to ride or die by the numbers. He explains why setting solid goals with clear metrics, targets, and milestones is the North Star combination sure to guide any marketer to success.

Plus, how can chatting with your finance team elevate your game to the next level? Tune in to learn why that finance pow-wow might just be your ticket to marketing greatness!


0:00 Intro/Background

3:51 Testing Your Hypothesis

6:05 Setting Up a Plan

13:43 Understanding Data

19:15 Selling a Marketing Plan

24:10 Justifying Brand Campaigns

31:42 A Hill to Die On

36:11 Where to Find Us


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray