Are User Personas a Waste of Time? with Adrienne Barnes

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
December 27, 2023

Buyer personas are one of the buzziest keywords in marketing, but do you know how to truly master them? Enter Adrienne Barnes, the brain behind Best Buyer Persona, who’s here to unpack the careful art of crafting a kickass buyer persona.

In this episode from the archives, Adrienne’s got the lowdown on why so many companies miss the mark with their buyer personas. And she’s here to help you uncover the secret sauce for truly understanding your customers. She breaks down why those heart-to-heart chats with your users and stakeholders are pure gold for your brand’s success and unravels the value of proprietary data.

0:00 Intro/Background

3:50 User Research

8:00 Challenges to Research

10:00 Is User Research Useless?

15:01 A Hill to Die On

17:00 Words of Advice

24:00 Freelancing

28:39 Who Inspires You?


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray