220 – Using Community to Grow Your Brand, with Ty Haney, Founder of Outdoor Voices

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
December 14, 2023

Forget about paid advertising. What does the future of a community-based brand look like? 

Ty Haney, the founder of Outdoor Voices and TYB, shares her vision for the future of brands and explains why community building and gamifying brand engagement are critical parts of advertising success. What is the power of community in driving growth and why do brands need to take more risks to differentiate themselves from the competition? 

She and Daniel also dive into the unique challenges of paid advertising and also chat about the importance of building a rockstar growth team. Learn how Outdoor Voices is on a personal mission to maximize happiness by inspiring people to move their bodies more.  

Plus, Ty shares her best advice for brands looking to simplify their messaging, revealing exactly how Outdoor Voices became such a powerful community-driven experience. 


00:00:03 – From Outdoor Voices to TYB: Ty’s Entrepreneurial Journey

00:02:16 – How Community Became Our Top Growth Channel

00:03:51 – How Community Became the Best Advertising

00:05:02 – TYB: Gamifying Brand Engagement and Rewards

00:15:59 – Simplifying Brand Mission and Values

00:18:55 – Creating Products for Repeat Purchases

00:24:30 – The Future of Community Ownership

00:26:08 – The Rise of Squad Wealth in E-commerce

00:27:31 – Building a Sustainable Brand vs. VC Backed Model

00:29:41 – The Power of Documenting Content

00:32:29 – Starting Over: From Brand to Growth in Outdoor Voices


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray