219 – The Power of Great Brand-Building, with Chubbies Co-Founder, Preston Rutherford

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
December 12, 2023

How did Preston Rutherford take Chubbies from $0 to a 10-figure IPO? By believing in the power of great brand-building, of course. 

Preston joins Daniel to discuss the importance of brand building and breaks down why it’s the #1 factor in distinguishing your brand from the rest of the pack. Preston also unpacks how metrics and feedback loops can help measure the success of brand-building efforts and shares insights on how Chubbies consistently creates shareable content. 

And later, Preston shares the story of how Chubbies started as a nights and weekends project and grew into a household brand, before revealing the one marketing hill he would die on. 


00:00:04 – Building a Great Brand with Chubbies Co-founder

00:00:48 – How Four Friends Revolutionized Men’s Fashion

00:02:24 – From Direct Response to Building a Brand: The Chubbies Success Story

00:06:54 – The Power of Organic Growth in Marketing

00:08:03 – Connecting Brand Building to Metrics

00:16:54 – The Power of Brand Building

00:23:41 – Chubbies: Challenging the Status Quo

00:26:43 – Creating Consistently Shareable Content for Chubbies

00:33:44 – The Beauty of Brand Building

00:34:40 – The Importance of Great People and Process in Branding

00:36:42 – The Transition from Brand Building to Financial Outcomes


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray