217 – Why Brand Positioning Matters, with Oana Leonte

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
December 5, 2023

Join Daniel on this week’s episode as he chats with Oana Leonte, a marketing expert with a passion for brand positioning. Currently the Head of BU Marketing for PUMA, Oana explains why brands need to take a step back from analytics and start adding a bit more magic back into their creative.

Discover how Oana got into marketing and her unique approach to creating authentic partnerships with other brands. Plus, why are the best marketers the ones who follow their intuition? And why is having a consumer-first approach so vital?  

Learn about the importance of storytelling and creativity in marketing, and how to tap into your brand’s unique strengths. 


00:00:01 – Oana’s Journey into Marketing Success

00:03:01 – Mastering Brand Positioning for Success

00:05:45 – The Power of Tapping into Your Brand’s Story

00:16:19 – Bringing Magic Back into Marketing

00:20:43 – Brand Positioning at a Heritage Brand

00:23:24 – Puma’s Authentic Partnerships and Licensing

00:25:07 – The Power of Authentic Collaborations

00:31:16 – Creativity on a Limited Marketing Budget

00:34:07 – Connect with Me on LinkedIn


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray