212 – The Future of B2B Marketing, with Steve Armenti

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
November 16, 2023

Struggling to improve your marketing and sales alignment game? You’re not alone. 

In today’s pod, Daniel sits down with Steve Armenti, the Demand Gen Global Marketing Manager for Google, to discuss the importance of readiness in leads and the future of B2B marketing. 

Steve shares his in-depth insights on personalization, data-driven strategies, and experiential buying journeys. Why is it vital for marketers to invest in brand and storytelling? And why does he believe that creativity and differentiation in B2B marketing are the keys to formulating a winning strategy? 

Tune in to learn how to personalize your marketing efforts, create unique experiences for your buyers, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of B2B marketing!


00:00:03 – Google’s Steve Armenti Shares Marketing Journey

00:03:39 – The Human Side of B2B Marketing

00:06:12 – The Evolution of B2B Personalization

00:09:18 – The Importance of Account Personalization in ABM

00:14:47 – The Key to Personalized Marketing

00:23:30 – The Broad Power of Generative AI

00:28:14 – Investing in Brand to Capture Your Market

00:30:08 – The Power of Storytelling in Marketing

00:31:21 – The Art of Marketing Creativity

00:34:17 – Personalizing Experiences with Experiential Marketing

00:36:24 – The Importance of Marketing and Sales Alignment

00:38:47 – The Evolution of B2B Marketing


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray