208: How to Create an Ideal Customer Profile, with Samantha Rideout

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
November 2, 2023

Are you struggling with defining your ideal customer profile (ICP)? 

In this ep, Samantha Rideout, a product marketer, shares her insights on the importance of ICP and how it can help you optimize your marketing efforts. 

Samantha discusses the benefits of having a clear ICP, including how it helps allocate your marketing budget more efficiently, allowing marketers to curate more personalized sales journeys. She also reveals why consistent messaging and frequency, both internally and externally, are critical for brands to create a more cohesive voice.

Tune in to this episode to discover how defining your ideal customer profile can lead to more targeted and successful marketing strategies.

00:00:03 – The Importance of Marketing in Business

00:00:50 – Finding Your Ideal Customer Profiles

00:04:49 – Finding Success in Niche Markets

00:15:37 – Strategic Marketing with a Defined Target

00:20:52 – The Importance of Planning ICP

00:24:46 – Harnessing Internal Voices for Effective Marketing

00:28:25 – Connect with Samantha on LinkedIn

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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray