204 – Using AI to Level Up Your Social Media Game, with Kate Kenner Archibald of Dash Hudson

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
October 17, 2023

Discover how AI and social media can help marketers stay relevant and drive engagement in this episode of the Marketing Millennials Podcast. 

Kate Kenner Archibald, Chief Marketing Officer at Dash Hudson, shares insights on using Vision AI to predict top-performing content, leveraging short-form videos, and inserting your brand into relevant conversations. 

Plus, find out how Dash Hudson can benefit marketers with a demo or a 14-day free trial. Tune in now to stay ahead of the marketing game!

00:00:02 – CMO of Dash Hudson Shares Marketing Insights

00:01:43 – Predicting Top Performing Content with AI

00:10:36 – Using AI to Identify Trending Content

00:15:01 – Using Vision AI to Optimize Content Marketing

00:18:28 – Analyze Competitor Content for Success

00:25:29 – The Importance of Relevancy in Marketing

00:27:33 – How Marketers Get Attention and Stay Relevant

00:30:17 – Connect with Kate Kenner Archibald, Marketing Expert

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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray