202 – What Does a Career in Marketing Ops Look Like?

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
October 10, 2023

Are you interested in a career in Marketing Ops? 

In this episode, Daniel sits down with Darrell Alfonso, a seasoned marketing operations professional, to discuss the ins and outs of the field. Darrell shares his insights on the different aspects of marketing ops, the common mistakes marketers make, and the importance of aligning goals and incentives within the organization. 

This is a must-listen if you’ve ever thought about pursuing a career in marketing ops or are interested in learning the evolving role of marketing ops and how it can help drive success in your marketing efforts.


00:00:04 – Insights on Marketing Operations with Daryl

00:00:32 – From Sales to Marketing Operations

00:01:52 – The Art and Science of Marketing Operations

00:05:47 – Why Marketing Ops is the Next Big Career

00:07:33 – The Marketing Ops Maturity Model

00:14:58 – The Role of Marketing Ops in a Marketer’s Responsibilities

00:21:20 – Improving Marketing Function with Marketing Ops

00:26:57 – Solving Friction in Marketing Campaigns

00:30:50 – Avoid Using Technology Just Because


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray