201 – Mastering the Psychology of Buying, with Sarah Levinger

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
October 5, 2023

Sometimes, the best way to encourage users to buy is to associate yourself with another brand. 

While it seems counterintuitive, Sarah Levinger is here to unpack the reasons why anchoring is such a valuable tool to build trust in consumers. Discover the power of psychology, emotions, and social proof and how you can utilize it to turbo-charge your ad appeal.

Sarah shares her insights on leveraging psychology biases and incorporating them into ad creative to make your campaigns more successful. From pricing psychology to social proof and emotional appeal, Sarah reveals the key strategies that can help brands win in the competitive marketing landscape and create more compelling ads. 


00:00:02 – Psychology and Ads: A Creative Integration

00:02:17 – Harnessing Psychology for Effective Advertising

00:03:45 – The Power of Psychology in Advertising

00:05:37 – Understanding the Psychology of Impulse Buys

00:09:05 – The Power of Pricing Psychology in Ads

00:15:10 – Boost Sales with Emotional Advertising

00:23:29 – Harness the Power of Social Proof for Increased Sales

00:28:14 – Building Trust in Authority Proof

00:31:24 – Optimize Your Landing Page Buttons

00:34:27 – The Power of Emotion in Advertising


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray