199 – How Do You Make Money Marketing to Broke@$$ Millennials?

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
October 4, 2023

What’s the #1 way to market to millennials in the personal finance space? 

Daniel chats with Douglas Boneparth, a marketing expert who has been targeting millennials for over a decade, to discuss the challenges of balancing humor and trust in the finance industry, the evolving needs of millennial consumers, and the importance of relatability in marketing efforts. 

Douglas also shares insights into his current project, a newsletter called The Joint Account, which focuses on helping couples have better conversations about money. Plus, he reveals how being an internet personality has helped him stand out in the crowded online space. 

Tune in to gain valuable marketing tips and learn how to effectively reach and engage millennial audiences in the personal finance industry.


00:00:04 – Marketing to Millennials in Personal Finance

00:03:53 – The Evolution of Millennials in Marketing

00:07:58 – Millennials Striving for Wealth Accumulation

00:10:25 – The Evolution of Marketing to Millennials

00:16:22 – How to Stand Out in Personal Finance Marketing

00:22:45 – Balancing Humor and Expertise in Finance

00:28:28 – The Power of Memes in Marketing

00:33:12 – Improve Your Finances as a Couple


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray