195 – Creating Content that Resonates, with Tyler, EJ and Daniel from Beehiiv

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
September 26, 2023

Struggling to understand what content really resonates with your audience? In this episode, Daniel is joined by the team from Beehiiv to discuss the importance of experimentation and customer discovery to create engaging content for your audience. 

Join Daniel and company as they sit down to discuss the key elements of good content, various growth mechanisms for newsletters, and how Beehiiv is helping content creators and businesses monetize and scale their newsletters. 

Guests: Tyler Denk, EJ White, and Daniel from Beehiiv

00:00:06 – Beehive: The Ultimate Newsletter Platform 

00:01:54 – The Elements of a Great Newsletter 

00:04:34 – The Key to Growing Social Media Following: Content 

00:06:44 – Overcoming the Challenges of Newsletters 

00:07:34 – The Key to Good Newsletter Content 

00:08:46 – Get Real-Time Feedback on Newsletters 

00:10:01 – Utilize Existing Channels to Grow Your Newsletter 

00:12:42 – Effective Growth Mechanisms for Newsletters 

00:13:37 – The Evolution of Newsletters: Content Empires and Omnichannel Marketing 

00:23:11 – Determining the Cost of Monetization for Newsletters 

00:29:26 – Beehive Ranked Best Newsletter Platform 

00:37:36 – The Marketing Hill Worth Dying On 

00:41:37 – Boost Newsletter Growth with Effective Copywriting 

00:44:34 – Where to Find Us on Social Media 

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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray