194: 194 – Building a Community that Thrives, with Sophie [aka Pretty Little Marketer]

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
September 21, 2023

Looking for strategies to grow your social media following and build a thriving community for your brand? 

In this episode of The Marketing Millennials Podcast, Daniel sits down with Sophie, aka the Pretty Little Marketer, to discuss her strategies for simplifying social media while still growing your following and creating content that adds value to your audience. 

Daniel and Sophie also dig into the importance of building a lasting feeling with your audience, stealing inspiration, and why focusing on quality over quantity matters when it comes to your social media presence. 

00:02:20 – From Social Media to Full-Time Marketer

00:06:21 – Building a Community Around Shared Values

00:17:00 – Tips for Growing a Social Media Community

00:21:25 – Creating Lasting Value with Community Content

00:23:55 – Simple Strategies for Social Media Growth

00:32:30 – Why Marketers Should Steal Creatively

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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray