192 – Marketingland Sneak Peek: How to Master TikTok Ads, with Savannah Sanchez

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
September 19, 2023

Are you interested in scaling your brand on TikTok? 

In this episode, TikTok strategist Savannah Sanchez shares her expertise on how to create successful TikTok ads. From using the Cap Cut app for editing to proving ROI to clients, Savannah covers it all. 

Discover the best practices for creating engaging TikTok ads, targeting your audience effectively, and optimizing your campaigns for success. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to scale your TikTok advertising, this episode has valuable insights for you. 

Tune in now to learn from one of the top experts in the field.


00:05:53 – TikTok’s Impact on Black Friday Advertising

00:12:28 – Capturing Attention with TikTok Ads

00:19:52 – Designing Effective Ads for TikTok

00:21:15 – Using Fake Podcast Ads to Boost Brand Visibility on TikTok

00:26:26 – Easy Editing Tools for TikTok Ads

00:32:38 – Proving TikTok’s ROI to Clients

00:35:38 – Brands Crushing It on TikTok

00:39:12 – Beginner’s Guide to Starting TikTok Ads


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray