Unreleased Episode: ‘Do This, NOT That’ Podcast – Social Media Edition with Jay Schwedelson and Daniel Murray

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
September 12, 2023

In this special bonus ep from the “Do This, NOT That” podcast, Daniel sits down in the hot seat with Jay Schwedelson to answer a few of Jay’s best questions.

Daniel reveals his marketing origin story and explains how The Marketing Millennials grew to be the success it’s now known for. He talks with Jay about some of his most useful LinkedIn and social media tactics, including the best times for posting, the politics of liking your own posts, and how often is too often to repurpose the same content.  

Plus, Daniel reveals his real thoughts about pickleball and divulges his one guilty TV pleasure. 


0:00 The Daniel Murray Origin Story

7:00 Tactics to Grow Your LinkedIn Page

13:56 Liking Your Own Post

15:22 The Best Times to Post

16:30 Growing a Newsletter

19:00 Repurposing Content

22:50 Since You Didn’t Ask


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray