190 – Why Marketers Need to Slow Down, with Meg Coffey

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
September 7, 2023

Get ready as Daniel goes head-to-head with Meg Coffey, the mastermind behind Coffey & Tea, as they dissect the world of modern marketing. 

Meg discusses the sway of “shiny object syndrome,” and why now, in the time of new social media app after new social media app, marketers need to slash through the clutter to realign clients’ social media strategies with surgical precision. 

Meg also unveils her battle-tested tactics for dominating social media from within the hospitality industry. Listen in as she divulges three invaluable strategies for effective digital branding, and stay tuned as she takes her gloves off to square up against the “grifters,” fiercely defending small businesses from the clutches of exploitation. 


0:00 Intro/Background

1:19 Shiny Object Syndrome

8:14 Back to Marketing Basics

13:05 Onboarding New Clients

15:00 Aligning Business with Social Media Sales

20:08 Approaching Social Media in Hospitality 

25:34 3 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now

30:10 A Marketing Hill to Die On


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray