187 – How to Create a Rock-Solid Organic Content Strategy, with Savannah Jordan

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
August 17, 2023

Join Daniel as he chats with Savannah Jordan, founder of Alpha Creative Agency, about the magic of organic marketing. 

Savannah unpacks what it means to reach an audience and how to connect with them in a way that will place your product front and center in their minds.  She clears up the misconceptions surrounding selling in the digital age and explains why simply pushing content out there doesn’t cut it. 

Then, stay tuned as Savannah unravels the differences in organic advertising on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, explaining exactly why an organic foundation is vital before splurging on those tempting paid ads. 


0:00 Intro/Background

1:43 What Makes Great Organic Marketing

5:08 Defining Selling

16:18 Why You Should Invest in Organic Advertising

20:47 Creating an Organic Strategy

24:24 Formats That Work Well For TikTok

28:26 A Hill to Die On


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray