186 – Where the Best Marketing Ideas Come From, with Shelley Pratt

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
August 16, 2023

Ever wondered where the best marketing ideas originate from?

Join Daniel as he chats with Shelley Pratt, the driving force behind Infiniti Media’s communications, about the essence of leadership, from the power of inquiry to the necessity of having a strong point of view. 

Discover why your best ideas might pop up during a run, how data shapes 90% of decisions in marketing, and the delicate dance of intuition and risk in the industry.  

Shelley also unveils her golden rules for emerging leaders and the non-negotiables of branding. So whether you’re in marketing or just curious, this episode is packed with gems.


0:00 Intro/Background

2:02 Shelley’s Work Routine

5:36 Generating Ideas

9:06 Being in a Leadership Position

11:45 Data vs. Intuition

15:50 Leadership Skills

18:09 Standing Out From the Competition

24:31 A Hill to Die On

28:06 Words of Advice


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray