182 – Do You Really Need Influencers?

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
August 3, 2023

Ever wonder how your favorite reality TV stars make a living off of that influencer lifestyle? 

Repping reality show contestants from shows like The Bachelor, MTV’s The Challenge, and Love is Blind, Courtney Bagby, CEO and founder of Little Red Management, drops by the studio to explain the strategy behind brand and reality TV partnerships.  

She and Daniel break down the intersection between social media and celebrity and discuss how reality show contestants keep their engagement alive over time. 

Courtney also explains why reality TV influencers must become a brand themselves in order to attract brand partnerships and why video content is vitally important to any influencer. Plus, find out what marketing hill she and Daniel both would die on.


0:00 Intro/Background

1:49 How Reality TV Partnerships Work

3:50 Keeping Influence Alive

7:50 Aligning Content to Brands

18:00 Brand Platforms

22:00 Sample Campaigns

26:15 A Hill to Die On

30:25 Follow Us


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray