181 – How to Increase Customer Acquisitions, with John Coyle

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
July 27, 2023

How do you grow a brand? And what should you be concerned about during various stages of company growth? 

John Coyle, podcast host of “Modern Commerce,” talks to Daniel about the ins and outs of growing a media company and what considerations you should be taking into account as your brand scales. Then, later they chat about the pros and cons of creating unsponsored content and explain why growing a podcast audience is so challenging. 

And, prepare to have your minds blown with the marketing hill that John would die on. It’s either a brilliant answer or a skilled attempt at cheating the system— you be the judge!

0:00 Intro/Background

5:17 What Brands Should Be Doing

13:55 When to Grow Your Brand

23:16 Unsponsored Content

30:00 Growing a Media Property

34:10 Organic Growth

39:30 Short Form Content

45:15 A Hill to Die On

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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray