The Behavioral Psychology of Buying, with Melina Palmer

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
July 13, 2023

Which product makes you more likely to buy it? A bag of chips that says, “90% Fat-Free” or a bag of chips that says, “Made With 10% Fat”? Sure, the answer seems like it’s obviously the first option, but can you explain the reasons why? 

Melina Palmer can, and as a behavioral economist, she’s here to explain why we buy the things we buy in this episode from the archives. As the podcast host of “The Brainy Business; Understanding the Psychology of Why People Buy,” Melina discusses the ways science can be used to unlock the consumer decision-making process and unleash the key to your business’ success.

She and Daniel talk about how behavioral science utilizes economics, psychology, and neuroscience to reveal the secrets behind the subconscious decisions we make on an everyday basis. 


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray