175 – How to Align Marketing and Sales, with Vin Matano

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
July 6, 2023

What are the biggest challenges marketers face, and how can they better align with sales to improve their outcomes? 

Vin Matano, Senior Account Executive at Demandbase, chats with Daniel about all things sales. Find out his four-part cold e-mail strategy to increase pipeline, what he identifies as marketing’s biggest pain points, and the best tactics you can use today to approach sellers. 

Plus, why does Vin think of sales as a copy-and-paste business? And what’s the one marketing hill he would die on? 


0:00 Intro/Background

5:01 Cold vs. Warm Emailing

8:00 Cold Email Process

12:23 Using Marketing as a Salesperson

16:30 Marketing Pain Points

20:10 Defining ABM

26:30 Building Marketing Relationships

31:25 A Hill to Die On


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray