How to Bootstrap an Ecommerce Brand w/Yellow Beauty Founders (LIVE NYC Recording)

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
June 21, 2023

In this recorded live event, Daniel and Ari (host of the “Go-To Millions” podcast) interview Yellow Beauty founders Jamil Bhuya and Jaz Fenton about how the lessons they’ve learned in scaling a startup business.  

From mixing spices on their kitchen table to fulfill orders for their startup turmeric-based skincare brand to being picked up by major manufacturers like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, Jamil and Jaz share how developing a solid e-commerce website, investing in clear and concise copywriting, and utilizing influencer-based advertising helped scale their business to 40,000+ regular customers. 

Plus, what’s the one marketing hill Jazz and Jamil would die on? 

Tune in to find out!


0:00 Intro

5:24 Expanding Yellow Beauty

7:00 Creating the Website

12:30 Lessons from Shopify

15:00 Entrepreneurship Lessons

28:00 Aligning with Business Partners

39:40 A Hill to Die On

42:36 Find Us


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray