170 – How to Build a Marketing Plan, with Peter Mahoney

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
June 15, 2023

How does a self-proclaimed science nerd approach marketing? By using the scientific method, of course!

Peter Mahoney, author of “The Next CMO,” sits down to talk with Daniel about his unique and incredibly analytical approach to marketing tactics.  Learn why constant testing is the glue holding a marketer’s success in the balance and why you should always come equipped with a concrete set of goals for your marketing plan, including metrics, targets, and milestones.

Then, Peter unveils his top tip for aspiring marketers— and why talking to your finance department should be your top priority.  


0:00 Intro/Background

3:51 Testing Your Hypothesis

6:05 Setting Up a Plan

13:43 Understanding Data

19:15 Selling a Marketing Plan

24:10 Justifying Brand Campaigns

31:42 A Hill to Die On

36:11 Where to Find Us


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray