169 – How to Stand Out From Other Marketing Job Candidates, with Oz Rashid

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
June 14, 2023

Receiving a job offer in the land of 1,000+ job applicants on LinkedIn feels like an impossible feat. So what can you be doing right now to stand out?  

Founder and CEO of MSH recruiting software, Oz Rashid, joins the pod to chat with Daniel about the best ways for job candidates to market themselves, including building a personal brand, targeting HR recruiters directly, tailoring your resume to match specific aspects of the job description, and much, much more.

Plus, Oz explains why marketing and HR initiatives go hand-in-hand and why investing in talent acquisition is a worthy pursuit. 

If you’ve found yourself on the eternal job search struggle bus, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss!


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray