161 – Why You Should Forget the Marketing Funnel, with Claire Sullentrop

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
May 16, 2023

Why should businesses forget the funnel? And is the funnel really just an oversimplification of what drives revenue? 

Claire Sullentrop, author of “Forget the Funnel,” certainly thinks so, and she’s here to discuss the reasons why businesses need to focus on the larger, qualitative data driving customer growth.

She and Daniel chat about the importance of identifying and mapping out the ideal customer journey, the right questions to ask when conducting customer research, and how to operationalize customer motivation. 

0:00 Intro

1:40 Forget the Funnel

6:55 Mapping the Ideal Customer

9:17 Adopting Customer-Led Growth

17:36 Customer Retention

22:05 Improving Conversion Rates

25:28 A Hill to Die On

27:34 Contact Us




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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray