The Secrets To A Highly Effective Influencer Partnership, With Brendan Gahan

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
May 15, 2023

In this previously recorded podcast, we’re taking a look back at this insightful interview with Chief Social Officer at Mekanism, Brendan Gahan.

Having worked in the creator/influencer space for years, Brendan divulges his playbook for the best high-impact marketing tactics. He and Daniel chat about evolving a great connection between a brand and its influencers, along with the best ways to move creators through the marketing funnel. 

Plus, find out why great relationships are at the heart of everything Brendan does.

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0:00 Intro

01:42 The Pitch That Broke The Internet

06:06 How to Treat a Brand Partnership

12:00 Activating Your Brand

16:03 Starting With a Blank Slate

17:07 The Marketing Hill I Would Die On

19:23 Landing Page Power

23:04 Building on Rented Land

27:13 Follow The Smart People

28:45 Remember Relationships

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray