Why Product Marketing is a Brand Superpower with Alexandria Snow

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
May 11, 2023

We’re dipping our toes back into the archives to rehash this interview with Alexandria Snow, the customer-first marketer who knows exactly what you need.


With more than nine years of SaaS experience in sales/marketing consulting, Alexandria brings a lot of wisdom about effective product marketing.


She and Daniel sit down to chat about her unconventional path to marketing, why you should always know your business optics as well as your customers do, and the challenges product marketers face on an organizational level.


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00:00 Intro

01:43 Not The School For Marketers

02:53 How I Think About Product Marketing

05:58 The First 30 Days

09:10 Product Marketing: Bridging The Gap

10:27 The Identity Of A Product Marketer

12:36 Don’t Wait To Hit The Go Button

17:17 The Marketing Hill I Would Die On

19:48 Choosing The Right Words

22:45 The Importance of Personal Brand


Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray